10 Suspenseful Motion pictures That Really feel Like A Black Mirror Episode

black-mirror is an anthology TV sequence that constructed one of many eeriest collections of cautionary tales this decade. From the detriments of dependence on new-age expertise to the chilling results of society’s newest and intelligent methods of coping with the human situation, there are numerous tales that go away viewers sitting on the sting of their seats as they merge sci-fi expertise with very actual philosophical dilemmas surrounding societal antagonism.

Some motion pictures have a superbly imagined storyline stuffed with the identical suspense and innovation which can be harking back to the black-mirror universe and are the proper movies to observe in anticipation of Charlie Brooker’s subsequent venture (whether or not or not it’s the much-anticipated sixth season of the sequence).



Limitless (2o11) constructed a world in which there’s an ingestible tablet that enables the consumer to develop their psychological acuity. The disadvantage, the drug has horrible withdrawal signs, and it’s in extraordinarily restricted provide.

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Limitless opens a world that delves into how far individuals would go once they not solely crave energy however have immense desperation to keep away from the ache that comes with shedding that energy. The drastic selections Bradley Cooper’s character makes within the movie, together with consuming the blood of a person he killed to get one other dose in him demonstrates the long-lasting and eerie nature of the message this film carries.

The Giver (2014)

the giver - non christmas Cropped

In The Giver the chief of the primary society forces its individuals to unknowingly take a drug that inhibits their capability to really feel emotion, train free will, and see shade. The purpose of this extreme societal management was to create a “excellent” and timeless civilization.

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This movie demonstrates the lengths individuals could go to protect humanity, which challenges the notion of “peace at any price.” The movie leaves the viewer with a brain-bending philosophical dilemma, whether or not it is extra logical to stop the downfall of humanity by any means vital, or to permit society the freedoms which can finally lead to their very own extinction.

In Time (2011)

Justin Timberlake in In Time

In Time depicts a world by which one’s time left to reside acts as rather than bodily forex, as the answer to immortality had been realized. The drastic variations in life between the rich and the poor are obvious; whereas the rich are granted stress-free immortality, the poor reside day-to-day and might’t even make the straightforward determination of sleeping in with out threatening their life.

The eeriness of the new-age expertise mixed with the unjust technique of stopping overpopulation in an immortal society leaves the viewer with an urge for food for thought-provoking dissections of the world, even after the film’s upbeat conclusion.

Would You Relatively (2013)

Brittany Snow In Would You Rather Movie

In Would You Relatively, a sadistic benefactor decides to push the boundaries of his dinner company to find out how determined they’re for the life-changing cash he’s providing to 1 fortunate winner. Essentially the most chilling and mind-bending second comes from the conclusion, by which the protagonist is given an ultimatum close to the tip of the banquet; kill the individual in entrance of her, or stroll away having saved a life, however sacrificing the prospect to take the cash.

The film is a wonderful suspenseful slow-burn thriller, highlighting the devolvement from the discomfort of getting to carry out a small uncomfortable activity, as much as the horrors of constructing powerful, life-or-death selections because the evening progresses. The drastic change in demeanor and morality of the characters drives the eerie thought-provoking nature of the movie proper as much as the surprising twist in the long run by which the protagonist murders the one different surviving visitor to win the cash for her brother, which finally ends up being a tragic waste, as he too dies from his sickness.

The Circle (2015)

circle movie

In The Circle, 50 individuals are kidnapped by aliens and located in a room that has a machine that dictates one in all them should die each two minutes. The individuals can both let the machine select somebody to kill at random, or they will individually vote for the one that goes subsequent.

The state of affairs forces the unwilling members to disclose who or what they worth most in society, making them justify who’s most worthy of life. The film delves into the individuals’s values ​​based mostly on the group’s age, race, life-style, faith, and extra, permitting the viewer to contain themselves with the members’ choice processes, getting them to justify every successive vote. The film ends in probably the most chilling thought-provoking methods, by which a surprising twist arises from an unpredicted deception, leaving the viewer feeling betrayed alongside these sacrificed.

Nerve (2016)

Nerves focuses on two people Vee (performed by Emma Roberts) and Ian (Dave Franco), who meet by means of an app that assessments to see how far individuals will go once they enter a contest that makes use of foot-in-the-door techniques to get them to finish high-stakes duties for cash. Thought-about one in all Dave Franco’s greatest movies, Nerve takes the viewers by means of a high-stakes journey by means of a sequence of requested duties.

This film shines a light-weight on the insidious nature of incrementally rising harmful stakes and the ability of on-line anonymity. Anybody who acts as a “watcher” on the app may anonymously suggest a dare for the participant to finish for a sum of cash equal to the depth of the dare, which ends up in some thrilling outcomes, and thought-provoking questions surrounding the ability of on-line anonymity.

Passengers (2016)

Passengers (2016) - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

In passengers, technological disruptions result in the unlikely life of 1 passenger Jim Preston (performed by Chris Pratt), who’s left to decipher his which means and objective as a traveler by which he won’t ever reside to see his vacation spot. After being launched from cryogenic sleep too early Jim wakes up one other passenger, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). In one in all Jennifer Lawrence’s most iconic roles, Aurora discovers the character of her regained consciousness on the journey and rightfully feels betrayal and sophisticated feelings about it after having bonded with Jim.

The eeriness of this movie lies within the terrifying nature of the helplessness of the passengers caught in cryogenic sleep during a lifetime. For many years, they had been all on the mercy of 1 particular person’s choices, and the expansive unpredictability of house, giving it a chilling and mind-bending uncertainty that sticks with the viewer after watching the film.

Degree 16

Degree 16 (2019) follows the story of a bunch of younger women who’re raised in a extremely restrictive setting, which they consider is an adoption company. The women are depicted as being compelled to take sleeping tablets, cruelly punished for insubordination, and never having been taught the best way to learn. It’s later revealed that the ability is elevating the women in order that once they come of age, they might carve the pores and skin off of their faces to transplant onto rich girls who want to look youthful.

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This film presents an eerie hyperbolic twist on humanity’s unrelenting want for everlasting youth by which the younger women are farmed like cattle, reasonably than handled like human beings. It reaches an exhilarating thought-provoking conclusion when the women uncover their worth is of their pores and skin, and carve it themselves to lastly be acknowledged in the long run as youngsters in want of correct care.


Daniel Kaluuya crying and looking terrified in Get Out

Get Out (2017) is a critically acclaimed movie and one of many best-rated horror motion pictures of 2017. In get-outan interracial couple Chris and Rose journey to a home in Lake Pontaco for him to satisfy her household, which is revealed to be one thing much more sinister than a weekend journey.

This film presents an eerie twist on humanity’s unrelenting want for everlasting youth and immortality, paired with the horrors of shedding bodily autonomy by the hands of 1 looking for to use one other’s physique for their very own acquire. It tackles the insidiousness of the disarming energy of racism by means of beautiful visible illustration of the backroom of 1’s thoughts, the place they’re hauntingly compelled to observe as one other individual takes full management of their autonomy.



Mom! (2017) is a metaphorical story between Gd and Mom Earth, which surrounds the horrific devolvement of the peace inside a home shared by an anticipating couple. The film performs on the terrifying nature of permitting minor disturbances to happen and proceed on with incrementally rising discomfort till they grow to be harmful and horrifying situations for a mom’s residence.

The more and more horrifying disturbances and imagery because the film progresses give it a chilling really feel because the actions grow to be extra hectic because the small visitor checklist in the home turns into a totally functioning society that’s riddled with disturbing cultish conduct and liable to inciting violent wars. The devolvement of the peace within the small residence highlights probably the most damaging features of human nature in a concentrated and insufferable method for the mom in a chilling journey.

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